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Worst Crossfit Workout Ever!

January 11, 2012

earlier work morning this morning.  I had considered waking up at 0430 – 0445 to make the 0530 crossfit class, but that plan went out the dang window when the alarm went off.  we picked up a guy this morning on a supervised release warrant.  went pretty smooth.  old lady opened the door and we asked for so and so.  she said for what?  which meant he was there.  the next question was, “where is he?”  we pretty much forced our way in and found the suspect in bed with his wife.  both were sleeping.  quite a rude awakening if you ask me.  all he could say was alright, alright and had his hands up high.  he was a rather cooperative bandit!  he got out of the bed and to my surprise was completely naked.  someone asked his wife if she had any clothes on and she shook her head side to side.  nothing any of us cared to see.  anyway…more on this later…

noon crossfit class
3 6 9 12
squat cleans 135lbs
after each round:
50 yards overhead walking lung 45lbs plate
50 yards bear crawl

I used 95lbs for my squat cleans and finished with 31:50.  This workout looked like it was going to suck when I saw it on the board, but I had no idea!  I was sucking wind the whole damn time.  I took a lot of breaks!  I felt my butt cheeks quivering and having spasms as I was walking out of there.  I was still sweating after I showered. 

yesterday’s 0630 crossfit class

sumo dead lift high pull 1-1-1-1-1
95-115-135-145-165 fail…chest high-165 fail…chest high again

500 meter row
50 wall ball shots 20lbs ball
50 kettle bell swings 1.5 pood
50 box jumps
50 hands release push ups

I finished with 17:33.  Again, I felt like I took a lot of breaks!  Too many breaks! 

I’ve been keeping up with eating well.  Yesterday I weighed 183, and after my workout today I weighed 182.  I was sweating my @$$ off throughout today’s workout!  I’m surprised I didn’t lose more water weight than that.  I was at an all time high weight of 191 just a few weeks ago.  Not too shabby for about 11 days worth of paleo and crossfit!  I feel great!  Well, exhasted and beat up at the moment, but great otherwise!  I was supposed to work in a second workout today.  That’s not happening.  I’ll try and make it up tomorrow.  I might take a day off from crossfit and just hit 5/3/1.  I might just take a day off.  We’ll see how I feel in the AM!

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