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So freakin’ sore…

January 12, 2012

…from yesterday’s workout!  I swear I’m sore everywhere; my quads, traps, glutes, hamstrings, and I’m sure a few other places.  My abs just quit being sore from Annie (I believe) just last night.  I realized it when it didn’t hurt to sneeze!  I slept in this morning after setting my alarm like I was going to make the 0630 crossfit class.  It’s 1100 right now, and I’m contemplating attending the noon class.  I probably should take the day off…but I don’t want to.

noon crossfit class
3 RFT (rounds for time)
400 meter run
30 sit-ups
20 shoulder press 85lbs
10 pull-ups
rx 24:37 (or somewhere around there…I even went back to look at the board, and was repeating my time in my head on my way out of there, and I’m still having trouble remembering it.  Really need to start writing this sh!t down.)  edit: my time was 24:21.  The shoulder press is what slowed me down the most.  towards the end of my last round of shoulder press, I had to do one rep and drop the weight.  My freakin’ shoulders were done sir, done!

When I walked in, the instructor seemed a little surprised to see me.  he said, “look who came back for more!”  one of the other instructors was saying all of today’s classes have been rather light.  Everyone in there was complaining of soreness!

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