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Business as usual

January 20, 2012

first working day of my business trip.  first day of crossfit missed in 3 weeks (excluding weekends).  today is scheduled to be a long day!  I’m hoping I don’t have any issues sticking to paleo, but I don’t know where my meals will be coming from (besides breakfast and possibly dinner).  I’ll be on someone else’s schedule today with little wiggle room if any.   

yesterday’s 0630 crossfit workout
AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) in 12 minutes of:
10 clapping push-ups
broad jump 20 yards
10 2 pood (70lbs) kettlebell swings
broad jump 20 yards
rx 4 & 3/4 rounds

that 2 pood kettlebell is no joke, and I was doing russian kettlebell swings vice American kettlebell swings.  my lungs were burning like I had just ran 3 miles out in the freezing cold.  I knew time was getting low and I was trying to avoid making it back to the kettlebell before the buzzer.  then my rationale changed.  I wanted to do what was kicking my @$$.  I made it to the kettlebell one final time and got my 10 reps!  man, that hurt!

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