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January 23, 2012

0630 crossfit class
4 RFT (rounds for time)
15 bar facing burpees
15 (squat) snatch 95lbs
15 toes to bar
15 kettlebell swings 1.5 pood
34:24 (forgot my time again…what else is new)

this thing kicked my @$$!!  first of all, the snatch is a new move for me.  I warmed up with a 45lbs bar, attempted the prescribed weight, and after speaking with my coach, stuck with the 45lbs bar.  the bar alone kicked my @$$!  apparently, I was starting too much in a squat position, rather than a dead lift position.  that, and I was told I needed to squat lower.  I just reached a point that I couldn’t pass flexibility wise.  I had the same problem with over head squats. 

then, to top it all off, I accidentally did my first 2 rounds with a 20 kilogram kettlebell instead of a 24 kilogram kettlebell.  I corrected that mistake on my third round. 

I only missed one day, but I was itching to get back to the swing of things with my morning crossfit workout. 

I did alright with paleo on my short business trip.  I departed Thursday morning after crossfit, and luckily, my wife packed me a salad with baked chicken, a fruit salad, some bananas, some almonds, and some oranges.  I packed the packaged salmon I picked up a few days prior.  For dinner, I had chipotle.  I got a steak fajita (onions & peppers) bowl with double steak, guacamole, mild salsa, and lettuce.  I was worried about my stomach, but I it held up just fine.  I did however follow chipotle with 2 shots of patron with lime.  I was expecting my tolerance to be non-existent, but I didn’t even catch a buzz.  hardly worth it at $8 a shot!  I was unable to remember tequila gold, so I just made sure to get something 100% agave. 

The hotel I stayed at made omelettes to order, so I was good to go with breakfast.  Both mornings I had omelettes with bacon, peppers, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, & spinach.  For lunch on Friday, we had Mexican.  I went with the fajita trio (steak, chicken, & shrimp) with no rice, no beans, and no tortillas.  It came out sizzling and it was delicious; even better than the prior night’s chipotle.  It also came with a guacamole salad.  I should have asked what it consisted of because it was a plate with lettuce, sour cream, cheese, tomato, and guacamole.  I got what I could out of the guacamole, but it was being infiltrated by the cheese and the sour cream.  

Dinner was a three course meal, of which I only had one of those courses.  Luckily, a co-worker didn’t want their filet mignon because it was a bit too red for him…whatever!  So, I had two filet mignons that I was able to cut with a butter knife and some asparagus.  

The following days’ lunch was another filet mignon (only got one this time around) and asparagus, which came with a salad that I picked at because it was infected with blue cheese.  They put it right on top of the bacon and tomatoes.  I was home in time for dinner! 

Last night, my wife made me some spicy wings from a paleo comfort foods cook book…yeah, heads-up, not all paleo recipes in there!!!  My wife mentioned the fact that she was going to used butter, and I said, wait, wait, wait.  I let her do it, but my stomach was not happy afterwards.  She believes it was from the texas pete and not the butter, but I believe it was the butter.  Within half an hour, I was blowing up the bathroom!  Damn!  I was coming up on week four, but now I feel like I’m back to square one.  

The scale said 180lbs this morning.  I was at my heaviest a few weeks ago at 191lbs.  While I liked that weight, I believe there was nothing good about it.  I thought I was at a stand still at about 182lbs, but I keep going down.  I wonder if the butter is to blame.  We’ll see in another few days.    

I missed this past weekend’s fights…

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