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on the road again

January 24, 2012

0630 crossfit workout
AMRAP (as many round as possible) in 20 minutes of:
30 box jumps
20 push press @ 115lbs
30 pull-ups
1 & 2/3 rounds + 11 pull-ups

I need to practice those kipping pull-ups. I found a good instructional video on youtube, and if I was at my computer I would post it. I’ll try to remember to add it later. The same guy that does the instructional video, has a video of himself cranking out 100+ pull-ups in no time like it’s nothing. I was alright with the box jumps. The push press and the pull-ups slowed me down big time. And I always thought pull-ups were one of my strengths.

I felt like I was dragging this morning. Not waking up and getting ready to get to crossfit, but after warming up and prior to starting the workout. I wonder what that’s about. I do feel like I tweaked something in my right shoulder, and I would have to say the (squat) snatches are to blame.

Taking a road trip for work. There and back overnighter. I am visiting my old stomping grounds, so I’ll get to at least see a good friend and old neighbor. Paleo will be put to the test again, but I’m not really worried about this short trip…as my partner scarfs down McDonalds. I’m not one to push my beliefs on others, even though I did bring it up with someone on my last detail. I’ve mentioned paleo to my partner before in terms of what I’m eating and not eating; not really anything to do with the health benefits. He actually made a comment about eating whatever he wants and just working out. That reminds me of a quote from Mark Sisson’s book (I believe), “exercise is important, diet is critical.”

The scale continues to go down. I can’t help but wonder if I’m losing what little good weight I had in terms of muscle, mass, and size. I really need to incorporate 5/3/1 better into my programming. It’s so hard to find the time with everything else on my plate.

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