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Nothing like a Saturday morning workout!

January 28, 2012
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Sleeping in is over rated! Well, at least I was able to sleep in a little more than usual.

0800 crossfit workout
10:00 AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) of:
15 G to U (ground to overhead – shouldn’t it be G to O??)@ 75lbs
30 double unders
3 rounds + 5 G to U (even though my coach said we had to finish an exercise for the reps to count…we gave her hell for that)

I did power cleans and shoulder press for my G to U.

Yesterday’s 0630 crossfit workout
For time:
Bench press x 30 reps @ 75% body weight (for me: 180 * .75 = 135lbs)
1 mile run

UFC on fox tonight! Let’s go Phil Davis and Chael Sonnen!!

Looking forward to my day off tomorrow. Been going pretty strong with 4 weeks of paleo and crossfit, and I don’t want to stop. Still trying to figure out how I’m going to eat after 30 days of paleo. My first thought was incorporating a cheat day on Saturdays and see how I feel. My main cheat is going to be fight nights at either Buffalo Wild Wings or Hooters. I’m still debating on the beer. Sticking with tequila can get expensive! What does everyone else do after completing 30 days? Last time I just went right back to being nasty…

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