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can you say “scaled?!”

January 31, 2012

0630 crossfit workout
5 RFT (rounds for time) of:
12 dead lifts @ 225lbs
20 hands release push-ups
12 power cleans @ 135lbs
40 sit-ups

I was all messed up this morning!  First off, I opened up a scab on my shin during my warm-up, so I had a river of blood running down my leg.  I have a habit of dragging the bar up my shins during dead lifts; that’s the way I learned, that’s the way that works.  I got it cleaned up, but that wasn’t the last I’d see of it.  I scaled my dead lifts to 185lbs and my power cleans to 115lbs.  well, at least I thought I was using 115lbs until I started my second set.  It felt way too light and easy to be 115lbs.  I had set up a 15lbs bar like I would have set up a 45lbs bar to make 115lbs.  So…my first set was 85lbs; all my other sets were 115lbs. during my second round, my coach was bothered by the blood running down my leg, so she went and got some gauze, wrap, and tape.  I wasn’t going to pay it any mind, but she stood over me with her make shift first aid kit as I was doing my sit-ups.  so, I took the time to wrap it up as I promised her I’ve had all my shots.  another guy helped me out, and I felt bad that he was sacrificing his WOD time, but he didn’t seem to care.  he’s a fire fighter with an injured foot that probably shouldn’t have been working out the last couple of days.  I had another interruption or two before I was able to finish that butt whooping of a workout.  

thirty-first day of paleo!!!  I think I’m going to cheat on Saturday and indulge in some Hooters wings, daytona style, all drum, maybe a mix of naked and breaded.  and beer???  or some nor*cal margaritas???  still to be decided…  

I like Diaz and Condit.  this is going to be a helluva fight!  while I believe Diaz is going to have his hands full, I will never count Diaz out.  LET’S GO DIAZ! 

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