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dragging serious @$$ this morning

February 1, 2012

0630 crossfit workout
15 minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) of:
5 hand stand push-ups
10 toes to bar
15 goblet squats @ 1.5 pood
4 rounds + 3 hand stand push-ups

no rx because I did the wall walk variation of hand stand push-ups, where my front side faces the wall instead of my back side.  I like to think I can do them the same either way (I may be wrong), but when I set up this morning I was having trouble getting into position the rx’d way.  I figured it wasn’t a good time to play with while the clock was counting down, and went with the way I know.  yet another exercise I need some practice with.  toes to bar isn’t a strength of mine either.  I was able to find a little bit of a rhythm for some of my reps.  it’s still an akward and tough movement (for me) to do continuous reps.  the goblet squats were a little awkward too, for my first time ever doing them.       

I don’t know what it is, but the alarm has been coming around way too soon lately.  I was debating on taking the day off since my shoulders have been feeling rather fatigued lately.  but…why would I do that?!  I started feeling yesterday’s dead lifts this morning as I got out of the bed.  I was surprised when I didn’t feel them throughout the day yesterday. 

3 more days!!!

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