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ain’t doin’ sh!t this weekend!

February 3, 2012

0630 crossfit workout
AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) in 20 minutes of:
Run 1/4 mile
Max rep pull-ups
rx 49 pull-ups

So, uh, yeah, SHOULDERS!!! I broke out the maximum strength bengay last night and this morning. I am not doing anything this weekend! Well, except for eating some wings, watching the fights, and drinking some ________ (still to be decided)! I’m not trying to go too crazy in straying from paleo, but it will be nice to eat something with some flavor (I think)! The wife and I will be celebrating our ten year anniversary tomorrow. Well, ten years from the day we met. Its crazy to think its been that long. And to think, our oldest child is going on nine. Where has the time gone? How has she made it this long putting up with my sh!t?!

I learned something very interesting today from a conversation with a prisoner I was transporting…apparently, someone has a side business of setting up and managing facebook accounts for prisoners.  they’ll post status updates and relay messages for them via e-mail.  and the prisoners actually send them money to do it.  un-freakin’-believable!  sounds like all kinds of security risks to me.   

…and I got pulled over on the way back.

…and had to hit the brakes rather hard to avoid hitting a dog that decided it would be a good idea to run across the highway. Nearly hit that f@cker!  I’m proud of myself for not swerving.  I was just expecting to hit him.  I had to ask my partner, “What were we talking about?!”  he couldn’t remember either. 

…and we witnessed a truck that was over filled with trees making a right turn, and the trees that were sticking out smacked the sh!t out of the back of a car in the middle lane. Busted a tail light and everything. The lady didn’t know what to do. The truck driver probably didn’t have a clue what happened. She went left and flagged down a cop that was sitting in a parking lot.


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