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online courses are kickin’ my @$$!

February 7, 2012

after staying at work until 220o last night to get some homework done (because it’s a lot quieter, and there are a lot fewer distractions), and then doing more homework until about midnight after getting home and eating.  so, I decided it would be in my best interest to sleep in this morning and skip crossfit.  I am mad that I missed out, and I was seriously dragging this morning!!  while it felt nice to sleep in, I prefer the feeling of getting up and working out.  I am much more refreshed after my morning workout, regardless of how dead I am afterwards!

so I check my algebra grade this morning and it was a B-.  I was actually expecting worse.  But, the instructor said all of my equations for one part were wrong.  so, now I need to re-do them and re-submit them with the next assignment.  I can’t wait to be finished with this semester! 

yesterday’s 0630 crossfit workout
dead lift 3-3-3-3-3
10 minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) of:
20 wall ball shots w/ 20lbs ball
20 kettlebell swings @ 1.5 pood
135 – 185- 225 – 245 – 255
3 & 1/2 rounds + 17 kettlebell swings

I stopped to rest after my tenth kettlebell swing with thirty seconds left on the clock.  by the time I started up again, I was only able to get seven more before the time was up.  man, I wish I would have been able to crank out 3 more to finish the set. my arms were dead!  taking the weekend off was nice.  my shoulders still feel a bit fatigued.  hopefully, they’re not injured. 

spending a kid free weekend with the wife was nice.  oddly quiet, but nice nonetheless.  we started off doing well with sticking to our paleo routine. we actually drove around for way too long, on empty stomachs, stopping at health food stores and other restaurants looking at menus before we found a menu that offered a nice looking cobb salad. I had a rib-eye sandwich without the sandwich to go along with me salad. delicious! we both stuck with water and we had a successful paleo meal!

it was all down hill when we went to watch the fights. my wife did better than I did.  we went to the Tilted Kilt, which was a first for both of us. the girls wore short plaid skirts, with cut off plaid tops over another cut off white top, which exposed much cleavage. the guys wore kilts. anyway, they offered all you can eat wings for $10! and they offered grilled wings. I was very excited. I did well with the first batch of grilled sweet and spicy wings. I went with their medium next, and I wish I would have specified “grilled.” they came out traditional and I believe this is where the stomach pains originated. I went back to the grilled sweet and spicy wings and ordered one of their home brews, which reminded me a lot of yeungling or magic hat #9. After two of those and a few sweet potato fries (big mistake…oil infused), I knew trouble was a brewing. I had gas all throughout the night. I woke up around 0800, felt disgusting, and headed straight for the bathroom! things didn’t go quite as smoothly as they had the past thirty some odd days. and, I just felt exhausted! I felt soreness and fatigue in my legs as we walked around the rest of the day. I just felt drained all day long.  not cool!    

breakfast at the hotel was lame!  I took a bite of their scrambled eggs and pushed them to the side.  I ate a banana and had some coffee.  we later went to Rioz Brazilian Steak House, and I don’t think I’ve ever had a better meal in my life!  I’ve always heard people rave about brazilian steak houses, but I had no idea!  They had a half price deal going on; that’s the only reason we ate there.  normally, it’s $36.95  a person.  that’s a little too steep for my blood.  lots of folks were there to take advantage of the deal!  after a brief intro from our server (they give you a cardboard saucer that’s green on one side, red on the other.  if the “grouchos” see green they will stop and offer you whatever cut of meat they have, if not, they will pass you by.  I heeded our servers advice not to load up your plate and let the meat dry out and forget what kind of cuts you got), we hit the salad bar.  the line felt like it wasn’t moving for the first 10 minutes!  after finally getting through that ordeal, several grouchos passed us by while our cards were red so we could eat our salads.  don’t overdo it with salad bar fixings!  save more room for the meat!  my wife was the first to flip her card.  man, oh man, we had filet mignon, garlic steak, sirloin, bacon wrapped filet mignon, bacon wrapped chicken, sausage, chicken drum sticks, and a whole lot of other steaks.  and then we had their grilled pineapple with cinnamon…delicious!  we ended the meal with a piece of chocolate mousse cake.  that was worth the cheat!!  I’ve been clean ever since!! 

okay, let me talk about the fight…having only watched it the one time, I had it scored as such:

round 1 Diaz
round 2 Diaz
round 3 Condit
round 4 Condit
round 5 Diaz 

the first judge had it right, the other two were smoking something to give the fight to Condit as a 49 – 46.  I thought it was close and even told my wife it could actually be a draw.  Diaz pushed the pace in the first two rounds.  he was the aggressor and controlled the octagon.  Carlos fought smart and didn’t let Diaz corner him.  it was a brilliant strategy.  Carlos really started taking it to Diaz in the third and fourth round and actually had Diaz backing up.  I can’t remember much of the final round as I’m writing this except for the end when Diaz took him down, had his back, went for the choke and was obviously trying to set-up the armbar.  Condit escaped the armbar and reversed the position.  I would have to say advantage Diaz from that scenario, but I believe I am biased.  that was until I hear others’ opinions of the fight.  even though DW had it 48 – 47 Condit.

and how about Roy Nelson?!  that dude is the freakin’ terminator!!  awesome job done by Fabricio Werdum, but Roy Nelson has got one hell of a titanium jaw!  I remember Junior Dos Santos was landing some bombs as well and wasn’t able to finish him either, and he’s been knocking out dudes left and right.

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