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legs…don’t…fail me now, I said legs don’t fail me now!

February 16, 2012

0630 crossfit workout
800 meter run
50 wall ball shots w/ 20lbs ball
40o meter run
35 wall ball shots w/ 20lbs ball
200 meter run
20 wall ball shots w/ 20lbs ball
rx 12:00

4th consecutive day of squats…  my lungs and shoulders were burning more than my legs during the wall ball shots.  my biceps and triceps are sore from yesterday’s ring dips.  my biceps are sore in a spot where they’ve never been sore before.  those ring dips are something else!  my shoulders are also sore.  and my lats, and my traps.  surprisingly, my legs are doing alright.  they have just been cramping up during leg exercises.  I re-introduced whey protein into my diet.  I believe I started back up with it Monday morning, maybe it was over the weekend.  the first serving seemed real sweet!  so far, my stomach has been doing fine with it.  I was expecting it to run right through me.  right now, I’m taking it in the morning, post-workout.  I plan on taking it on non-workout days as well.  I might even add a serving at night.       

love this song!  I’ve played it way too many times this morning. 

Warrior’s Tale

okay, somebody please help me embed this video!

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