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The O-Run Was A Blast

March 5, 2012

after taking it easy Thursday & Friday (I went to crossfit both days at my normal time, but I did the official crossfit warm-up, plus a few other things, instead of the rx’d WOD), I felt more than ready for the O-Run that was nearly cancelled due to inclement weather. It rained all day with chances of severe thunderstorms. The course was packed full of mud that had us slipping and sliding; the obstacles were no different. Climbing across a rope without boots and / or high socks sucks! I’m used to doing it in boots. I now fully understand the term “to the white meat!” I’ve got an annoying, uncomfortable, open wound / rope burn that keeps oozing and staining my socks (through the gauze). Our time was 1:05:51. We passed plenty of teams and wasted precious time waiting in line for obstacles. After the race I had a few beers, which I haven’t done in a while. We also ate at Mellow Mushroom, but I did stick to the gluten free menu, plus a few more beers. Then, the wife and I went out that night for customer appreciation day at Bruster’s. We both got the biggest waffle cone full of mint chocolate chip ice cream you’ve ever seen…for free…and I ate the entire thing! It was nice cheating for a change, but I’ll be happy to get back on track and stay there (which I have been since Sunday).

It’s been two months of crossfit / paleo, and I don’t care to look back. Before the race / cheat fest, I was at 171lbs, which is insane. Afterwards, I was 177lbs.

I’ve been extremely busy lately. My grades have been slacking this semester, and I’ve even been turning assignments in late. It’s an accumulation of things really. I’ve been busy at work with normal everyday things in addition to a letter I had to write for my boss to forward to HQ for my career aspirations (which really had me stressed out – hopefully it all works out), baseball started for my 8 year old (he’s in scouts as well), soccer for my 5 year old, and I’m on the road right now for work. I’m a little overwhelmed at the moment, and I’ve been considering taking a break from school. I received a C- on an assignment; my lowest grade yet. Last semester I got a B-, which was my lowest grade at the time. I really wasn’t expecting to maintain that 4.0.

Holy sh!t to Martin Kampman’s submission victory over Thiago Alves, and Ronda Rousy breaking Meisha Tate’s arm!

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