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slept in again today

March 15, 2012

at the moment, I’m feeling pretty refreshed.  I had a real tough time waking up this morning after rising from my bed (if that makes sense).  I was walking around like a zombie, struggling to open my eyes.  why have I been so tired lately?  is my body trying to recover from all the exercise?  is my body trying to catch up on sleep?  I know I’m mentally exhausted from school.  maybe everything is taking a toll on me.  I can’t help but wonder if the allergies from all the pollen are another factor in the way I’ve been feeling. 

have I complained enough today?  

I thought my 8-year-old had baseball practice yesterday, but after getting home and double checking the schedule, I realized he didn’t.  so, we started worked on the pinewood derby car for a little while before I took him to a local field for a some extra practice.  he did pretty well, but wasn’t very enthusiastic.  when at bat, he has a habit of stepping out of the box with his lead leg instead of stepping towards the pitcher; a result I believe from being hit with the ball last season.  I recall having the same problem when I was younger.  man, I felt sluggish out there!       

we’ve been watching tv in bed lately.  we used to do it all the time, but stopped for a good while.  I believe it makes a world of difference.  for instance, I continued watching the Ultimate Fighter live and found myself wanting to keep watching fight after fight.  so after getting in bed at 2230, I finally made myself turn the tv off at 2330. 

I’ve noticed a few things from the extra workouts I’ve added thus far.  one of my knees has started bothering me.  it’s an old injury / ailment I remember feeling when I was training probably way too much.  the squat workout from the other day combined with yesterday’s WOD stressed my legs out!  I might need to back off a little.  I help out on the field whenever my 8-year-old has baseball practice.  I can’t remember what I was doing, but yesterday when I squatted / crouched down, my legs cramped up really bad.  I need to do my best at staying injury free for my future job aspirations where I’ll be doing a lot of bending and kneeling down.  I’m not going to want my legs to cramp up every time I need to get low.

 most of the work done thus far has been with a dremel 4000.  I used a coping saw at first which gave me some awful, crooked cuts (probably operator error). 


with the dremel, I started with a 407 1/2″ sanding drum, 


and then I moved on to a  540 1 – 1/4″ cut off wheel  (thanks to my neighbor’s advice…I viewed this attachment as a grinding wheel).    



yesterday, I picked up an EZ544 EZ lock 1 – 1/2″ carbide cutting wheel and I wish I would have had this attachment from the start of this project!     



I plan on using a 115 high-speed cutter to recess some weights in the bottom of the car. 



here’s a look at the rough draft.  looks a little bit better than the block of wood it used to be.  I’m still mad at that dang coping saw messing up some of my cuts! 

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