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crossfit all by my lonesome this AM

March 17, 2012

0800 crossfit workout

12 minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) of:
150 wall ball shots w/ 20lbs medicine ball
90 double-unders
30 muscle-ups
score is total number of reps
240 reps
(I believe that was crossfit games workout 12.3…edit: it was 12.4)

my lungs were a’burning on this one. you can somewhat understand my frame of mind during this workout after I ended with 101 double-unders. apparently, the plan of attack for this morning was to sleep in. nobody told me. after yesterday’s workout, I probably should have done the same! if I didn’t miss a few days during the week, I just might have. I’m not crazy about flying solo on the WODs. I woke up this morning with my throat / allergies bothering me; I went to bed much the same way. my glutes and my hamstrings are about as sore as a mofo! I’m starting to feel it in my quads and my lower back as well. It hurts to bend, crouch, and sit down!

camping with scouts today / tonight. been out in the bush since about 1400. I took my 8-year-old and my 5-year-old. we went hiking and fishing, and I started feeling run down about half way through. and I’ve been thirsty all day with no potty breaks. I did go before turning to, and it was darker than normal. must be sick. I did miss out on a few glasses of milk today. the boys have been running around non-stop! we had a thunderstorm touch us briefly. glad I picked up another poncho before we made our way out to the camp site. it’s raining lightly now. it sounds nice against the tent; very relaxing. that was one thing I always loved when I was in the Corps. it helped me forget about whatever else was going on, and just enjoy the moment.

omg…I ate 4 hot dogs and 3 hamburgers! without the buns and fixings of course. I believe that was the first time I’ve eaten hot dogs since starting paleo. I was starving! and I ate an order of spicy orange chicken from Red Bowl right when we hit the camp site.

wore out…going to bed!

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