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perfect weather for a workout

March 31, 2012

0800 crossfit workout
“Death by Thrusters”
115lbs / 75lbs
1 rep within first minute
2 reps within second minute
3 reps within third minute, etc.
as far as you can go while completing the prescribed number of reps per minute
8 rounds + 2 reps (scaled to 95lbs)

bench 135 x 5 x 3
back extensions 10 x 3
ring dips 10 (broken reps) x 2
a little double under work

it was pouring this morning when I was so rudely awoken by the alarm on my phone (it’s supposed to be set to only go off on weekdays but I must have messed that up on my business trip). it was the perfect weather to stay in bed or go back to sleep. I was in and out of sleep anyway trying to not sleep past 0700 to make the 0800 crossfit class.

so…I ate more than half of a large pizza last night and washed it down with a shot of patron and a blue moon (summer ale), and feel terrible having done so. hopefully the urge to make crumby eating decisions is out of my system for a good while. I looked bloated in the mirror last night! ugh…yuck!

now what to do…can’t mow the lawn, I’m sure my boys’ sports will be cancelled, can’t wash the vehicles… I guess I can organize the garage some more. I can still go to the dump even if the weather isn’t optimal. maybe we’ll make it a movie day.

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