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pleasant surprise workout

April 7, 2012

yesterday’s 0630 crossfit workout
B & E
21 – 15 – 9
deadlifts @ 225lbs
kettlebell swings @ 1.5 pood
knees to elbows

finish up with 50 wall ball shots

my abs are sore as hell from Thursday’s box jumps…all 165 of them!!!  feels good though!

well, I was planning on crossfit being closed yesterday morning, so I planned to meet one of the other crossfit regulars to go for a run at 0630.  as I was on my way to meet him I got a text from him saying crossfit was open.  when I arrived I checked the sign on the door again and it said they would be closed.  unbeknownst to me, a few of the guys I normally workout with have an inside connection and normally still get a workout when they are closed for holidays.  they said they thought I knew about it…  I gave them a hard time for not keeping me in the loop.  it was a nice surprise, because I really didn’t feel like running!  my shin splints are slowly starting to resurface.  and my knees have been bothering me a little as well.      

I scaled my deadlifts to 185lbs.  I wasn’t thrilled about doing deadlifts again, since we did a similar workout on Monday, but I sucked it up…and complained the whole time.  the deadlifts felt even heavier this time around.  before starting, I had the bar loaded up at 155lbs, then 175lbs, and then I finally decided to just go with 185lbs.  I was real close to scaling mid-workout (well, after the first set), but I stuck it out.     

I spent a little extra time working on handstand push-ups and double-unders.  I normally walk my feet up the wall on the handstand push-ups so my front side is facing the wall and they don’t count as rx.  so, I practiced throwing my long @$$ legs up over my head so that my back side is facing the wall.  it took me a while to even attempt throwing my legs up.  but when I finally did, it took me a good amount of attempts to even reach the wall.  I can laugh about it now.  once my one foot started making contact, I started to get a little more comfortable.  after watching another member, I let the sole of my left sneaker catch the wall and remain bent, and then I straighten my right leg.  I was wearing out my shoulders quickly just by trying to throw my legs up.  before I was even able to get it one time, I had to take a break and walk away.  when I went back I was able to get it within my first couple of attempts…and even cranked out a single handstand push-up!  one of the many things I need to work on…

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