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cheats and weaknesses

April 9, 2012

0630 crossfit workout
5 RFT (rounds for time)
10 step walking lunges @ 135lbs / 95lbs
10 handstand push-ups

I scaled my weight to 95lbs.  the logic this morning was, “well, I’m not going to get rx anyway!”  a lot of folks from the 0530 class were saying 135lbs got real heavy, real fast.  without their input, I probably would have scaled to 115lbs.  I did clean someone else’s bar by accident that was 115lbs, and it felt a lot heavier to clean. 

handstand push-ups are my kryptonite!  I attempted my first one in strict form after about three attempts to hold myself up, and I didn’t have it in me!  so, I walked up the wall (front side facing wall) and knocked out my first three rounds in that manner.  I chipped away at them very slowly!  my last 2 sets were done much faster with my feet on a tire / body in the “L” position.  I would have liked to have done them all the way I did the first 3 sets; I just didn’t have much left in me, and it would have been a long morning…if only I didn’t have to go to work!  and…I now have petechiae (busted capillary blood vessels) around my eyes.  I had forgotten that was a common side effect for me whenever I do handstand push-ups.            

this weekend wasn’t a very good one for me nutrition wise!  my wife had mentioned a while back that we should eat Doritos and drink beer one night like we used to.  I agreed that it would make for a good cheat night.  so, after splitting a bowl of Doritos 3 ways, and two shots of patron and two beers in what seemed like record time, I’m glad I got that out of my system!  and I woke up with a headache…  but that wasn’t all the cheating that would take place over the weekend (Thursday – Sunday).  we had mellow mushroom pizza Thursday night, pizza and birthday cake Saturday at a neighbor’s kid’s birthday party (I was doing really well too and refused eating anything for so long, but after seeing my wife give in and eat some cake, I caved…2 slices of pepperoni pizza and 2 pieces of cake later…), an apple turnover on Sunday, and we ended the weekend with Bruster’s ice cream (mint chocolate chip waffle cone) at about 2030 last night.  it’s both scary and sad how fast the pounds seem to stack themselves back on when you make poor nutrition choices.  so…the plan for both me and the wife is to hit another 30 days of strict paleo starting T O D A Y.  I’m excited!

Chris Spealler on handstand push-ups:

some variations and tips for us mere mortals:

I really like the idea around the 7 minute mark of getting into position, and then getting down and doing a regular push-up…might have to incorporate that next time around.  I really like the kip, and there’s a guy in my gym that does it real well with one leg while keeping his other leg cocked / sole against the wall.  I have a hard enough time holding myself up, let alone incorporating coordination like that while upside down!  I will continue to work on it.   

really like this song:

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