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nothing like a nooner

April 11, 2012

1200 crossfit workout
4 RFT (rounds for time) of:
50 air squats
400 meter run
rx 12:34

power cleans 65 x 5 x 3
handstand push-ups
1 w/ 2 abmats
0 w/ 1 abmat
1 w/ 2 abmats (struggled to get one)
2 w/ 2 abmats
1 w/ 2 abmats (failed on my second attempt) 
my shoulders are worn the hell out…and I was the shield man this morning.  I forgot just how heavy that thing gets – quick, fast, and in a hurry! 

since I had an early morning chasing bad guys (with no luck), I had to skip my normal 0630 workout.  the 0530 workout would have been cutting it close.  I might have given it more consideration had I known how short of a workout it was.  I just hate rushing, and I can be rather slow when it comes to getting out of the door. 

I was sure I was going to puke during my workout because I had just eaten breakfast about an hour beforehand.  I thought I had plenty of time in between but I felt my breakfast all the way up to, and through my workout.  luckily, I was ablt to keep it down.  it is no fun running 400 meters after doing 50 air squats.  my legs were so dang heavy…it reminded me of those dreams where you try your hardest to run and you just don’t get anywhere (am I all alone on that one?  because it’s a recurring dream for me).  I was moving on this one.  I was the second quickest time on the board thus far.  one of my normal 0630 partners in crime was number one.  some of the normal studs were missing from the board however. 

I went out to dinner with my mom last night and we had Japanese.  I tried to be semi-good by ordering from the gluten-free menu, but I did have rice.  my stomach was M A D at me!!!  then, this morning I ordered an omelette w/o cheese, and it had cheese.  I am not one to send food back, unless there is something really wrong.  I don’t mess with the people who handle my food; that’s just something I don’t do.  so yeah, I ate it.  and it was cooked in much butter…yuck!  so not even 3 days in and I feel like I’m failing miserably…grrr!  might have to incorporate a burpee penalty for any violations (I know I’ve said that before too, but have yet to incorporate it)! 

on to do my homework…

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