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forced to take a rest day!

April 12, 2012

I got up this morning and went to crossfit, but I didn’t participate in the 0630 workout
50 reps of the complex:
1 deadlift / 1 clean & press @ 155 / 115
followed by an 800 meter run with a 1.5 pood

I loaded a bar with 95lbs, but I was going back and forth in my head on whether or not to participate since I’ve been putting a lot of stress on my shoulders lately with little rest.  I finally decided to do a deadlift followed by a power clean, instead of a clean and press, even though I just did power cleans as my supplemental work yesterday.  after 5 reps, my shoulders were killing me, so I opted out.  Monday’s workout, and my supplemental handstand push-ups have really done a number on my shoulders.  I need to let them rest!  I probably should have slept in this morning.  after the 5 reps, I stretched out a little more and did a very light (even though it actually felt rather heavy this morning) supplemental deadlift workout of 135 x 5 x 3.

I know how important it is to implement a rest day…why do I have such a hard time doing it???

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