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who said Saturdays are for sleeping in?!

April 15, 2012

yesterday’s (Saturday’s) 0800 crossfit workout
3 rounds, with 1 minute’s rest between rounds, of:
1 minute of shuttle run (total number of yards)
1 minute of burpees (total number of reps)
1 minute of double-unders (total number of reps)
1 minute of box jumps (total number of reps)
1 minute of row (total number of calories)
score = total number of reps / yards / calories after all three rounds
rx 768

guess my (other) day off will have to be Sunday (today)!  there was a supplemental on the board for those that weren’t satisfied with only doing the main workout:

12 minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) of:
3 burpees
5 deadlifts @ 255lbs
7 air squats

I was very tempted, but nobody else was jumping on the idea, so I embraced the opportunity to take it easy on my body.  I would have scaled the deadlifts of course!   

I won’t even get into the ways I’ve abandoned my diet this weekend…much homework to get done, and little time to do it in…  where has my discipline gone?!

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