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dang Easter bunny!

April 16, 2012

0630 crossfit workout
front squat
1 minute of double-unders (total number of reps)
1 minute of push-ups (total number of reps)
1 minute of air squats (total number of reps)
1 minute of pull-ups (total number of reps)
1 minute of alternating split jumps (total number of reps)
1 minute of handstand push-ups (total number of reps)
1 minute of bear crawl (total number of yards)
1 minute of  sit-ups (total number of reps)
score = total number of reps
score = 243

there was no way I was remembering everything we did this morning, so I snapped a picture of the board to make life easy.  my double-unders were a major factor in my score this morning.  I’m starting to get a pretty good rhythm more frequently.  my shoulders are still sore, and fatigued awful quickly on the push-ups!  the air squats were alright.  the pull-ups were lacking…I swear my pull-ups have been doing the opposite of improving…I need to add them to the list of things to work on.  the alternating split jumps felt terrible.  with 2 abmats and no plates, I was able to PR my handstand push-ups with a whopping 5 consecutive!!  the bear crawled was my highest score, and the sit-ups were alright.

I had to quit the front squats after 185lbs because the weight / pain was too much on my wrists.  my back was starting to feel it a little as well, and I was definitely slowing down on the way up.  it would have been nice to try for more, but I played it safe.  I am still happy with 185lbs though, considering the last time we did back squats I stopped after 195lbs.    

so I brought Easter candy to work to get it out of the house, and I end up eating a whole dang Easter bunny!  so much for starting fresh Monday…I am seriously lacking will power lately…wtf?!  and I had been doing so well all day long.  I broke with only about an hour left in the work day.

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