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was planning on taking the day off today…

April 20, 2012

0630 crossfit workout
10 minute ladder
60 seconds of power cleans @ 135lbs, followed by
60 seconds of lateral bar hops
rinse and repeat
score = total reps
rx 319

so, the plan for this morning was to get up, go to crossfit, and just do my normal warm-up / stretching routine with a little extra stretching.  I am so sore…my chest, my shoulders, my lats!  as I walked in the door, a few of the regulars from the 0530 class bombarded me by saying, “this is your workout, this one was designed with you in mind!”  after looking at the board and discussing strategy, I slowly started convincing myself I would do it.  then I tried starting my normal warm-up routine with some jump rope…I didn’t even jump the first attempt my shoulders were so sore the rope didn’t make it all the way from back to front.  one of the 0530 regulars did the workout twice, with less than 10 minutes rest in between workouts, and improved by over 100 reps.  the first time he spent a lot of time and energy on power cleans; the second time he did only a few power cleans and rested more before the lateral bar hops.  he was number one on the board with something like 361…I was number two…let’s see how long I stay there.  I followed his strategy only doing 1 – 4 power cleans per round.  135lbs is a heavy power clean for me!  might have to take tomorrow off!

yesterday’s 0630 crossfit workout
4 RFT (rounds for time)
100 double-unders
50 sit-ups
400 meter run
20 shoulder press @ 95lbs
43:08 – 3 rounds

I should have scaled the shoulder press!  I spent way too much time on them and had to cut my workout short.  otherwise, I would have been running real late for work. 

we had a range day yesterday.  I shot 297 out of 300 with my glock 22, and then I shot 297 out of 300 with my glock 27.  at least I’m consistent.  my last range day was my first perfect score ever.  the pressure to shoot a perfect score isn’t nearly as bad as it used to be.  I’m still waiting for my plaque…   my personal ar-15 was having some serious issues on the range…which was extremely frustrating!  hopefully, I’ll have them worked out today.  so, I shot with someone else’s, and shot 250 out of 250.  and then shot the familiarization course with my 12 gauge.   

Fight Night tomorrow!!!  I’m looking forward to getting out to Buffalo Wild Wings with the guys for this one.  I’m not too crazy about the main event.  I like watching Jon Jones fight and all, and I don’t really like Rashad Evans, but I think it would be cool for either Evans to win, or for Jones to just completely destroy Rashad.  this match up reminds me of Machida vs Evans, which didn’t end very well for Evans.  if I was a betting man, my money would be on Jones.  although, it would be nice to see Jones stopped.  the fight card has a few fighters on it that I really enjoy watching like Mac Danzig, Efrain Escudero, Matt Brown, Anthony Njokuani, Ben Rothwell, Brendan Schaub, Mark Hominick, Miguel Torres, and Rory MacDonald.  could be a promising night of fights.    

I’ve been catching up on my dvr’d episodes of The Ultimate Fighter live.  I need to put more effort into watching them live!  I’m missing out!  the first fight was awesome.  I can’t remember the fighters’ names at the moment so I’ll just refer to them as blue and red.  blue was taking the fight to red, and that’s who I expected to win from the match up.  but man, red landed that nasty knee (that was meant to be a kick) and laid blue out cold! 

I watched the second fight yesterday, and while it wasn’t as good as the first one, it still ended by tko.  red wins again!  I like how Cruz gave Faber the chance to pick the fighter and he didn’t know how to react.  then Faber asked his guys who was ready to fight and nobody stepped up…crickets!  that was crazy!  and pretty funny!  I also like the thong they across Faber’s big ol’ butt chin on his poster!!

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