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back at it after a weekend’s rest

April 23, 2012

0630 crossfit workout
135-185-225-265 (fail)
10 minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) of:
3 front squats @ 165lbs
30 double-unders
5 & 1/2 rounds + 23 double-unders (@ 135lbs)

it was nice to take the weekend off.  my body needed it, and I’m sure it is very appreciative.  although, my calves and shoulders were still sore, as well as a few other places.  my diet suffered a good bit this weekend.  Friday night consisted of 2 rounds of: a shot of patron, followed by a blue moon…topped off with a bowl of Doritos.  I was passed out on the couch in no time…probably before 10pm!  Saturday, we took the boys out for ice cream because they did such a good job at our oldest’s baseball double-header (one and a half-header…they had 2 innings to make up of a game that was called due to lightning & thunder).  so, I had a mint chocolate chip waffle cone.  then, I went out to watch the fights…where I had 2 tall coors lights (special) and a shot of 1800 tequilla (cheaper than patron).  the only thing I ate was about 15 wings and some celery and carrotts…not too horrible.  Sunday, we ate at a catered event where I had chicken strips, green beans & bacon, a brownie, and a piece of blueberry bread.  yeah…  the last crumby thing I ate was Sunday evening…a cinnamon bun my mom picked up for me and the wife from starbuck’s.  we went out with a bang.  the plan is for us to go 30 days strict as of today (yes, that was the plan last Monday).  I had little support, and even less discipline!  excuses, excuses!  my weight was 175lbs this morning, after getting down as low as 170lbs a week or so ago.     

my back is feeling the deadlifts!  225lbs was probably about my 5 rep max during my starting strength days, so I know I should be proud (even though in SS, I would have completed 225 x 5 x 3).  after the set of 225lbs, I was pretty much finished with deadlifts!  I did try to lift 265lbs, just to see if I was going to be able to get it, but it wasn’t happening this morning.  my one rep max was 275lbs about a month or so ago.  I did a few reps @ 135lbs after I finished my working sets, just working on my form, and it felt like nothing compared to 225lbs.  I felt like I could have gone all day with it. 

I scaled the front squats to 135lbs (and I’m glad I did) for the simple fact that the bar had to be cleaned for the front squats for this morning’s workout…using the rack wasn’t allowed!!!  135lbs was heavy enough for me to clean.   I wore a pair of shorts I probably shouldn’t have worn this morning.  first of all, I managed to put them on backwards when I got dressed in the dark this morning.  I went into locker room and fixed that problem.  then, I kept losing them on the double-unders.  I swear that affected my time!  after I completed my 4th round I had about a minute left to go.  I didn’t feel like doing anything else!  but I made myself pick up the bar to at least finish the front squats.  then I wanted to finish the double-unders!  I was real close too.  I was pissed when I didn’t get it!  I might have even let out a few expletives and thrown my jump rope…

I spent a little time working on muscle-ups this morning.  me and a few of the other regulars witnessed a girl using resistance bands on a set of rings for a little assistance (bands connected to the rings and feet), and we made plans to do the same one day.  that day was this morning…sporadically.  we just felt it out for a few reps.  I was able to knock a few out.  the transition is the trickiest part!  I think I hurt my shoulder on one of them.  one day…

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  1. April 23, 2012 9:30 pm

    Keep up the good work. Patron and 1800 gets us all! It’s nice reading about other people going through CrossFit!

    • April 24, 2012 12:47 pm

      thanks! I agree with you; I find both motivation and inspiration in reading about the experiences of others when common goals are involved.

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