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sore traps & blister city!

April 27, 2012

yesterday’s 0630 crossfit workout
overhead squats
75 double-unders
50 hang power snatches @ 95/45
25 strict pull-ups

I had a hard time getting low in my overhead squats.  my hips lock up and don’t allow me to get any lower, and there is a lot of pain involved!  it’s really not a comfortable feeling!  I don’t have that problem with my back squats…I don’t even have that problem with my front squats.  by my third set I was able to get low enough.  I guess I just need to warm up with a few sets to loosen up the joints.  I scaled the weight to 75lbs.               

the past two mornings I climbed into my jeep after leaving crossfit, my jeep has smelled like Dunkin Donuts.  no lie, and it smells so flippin’ good!  makes me want to drive right over.  someone is trying to tempt me.  subliminal messages are a son-of-a-b!tch!

today’s 0630 crossfit workout
10 minutes of skill work – muscle-ups / ring dips
20-18-16-14-12-10-8-6-4-2 of:
toes to bar / push-ups
time unknown…well, when I finished the clock was at 27:47,  but…I’m not sure where the clock was when I started.

my plan this morning was to go to crossfit and do my regular warm-up, get a good stretch, and maybe work on a few trouble areas.  my traps are so dang sore from yesterday’s hang power snatches!  and softball practice took a toll on me last night!  there were only five of us there, and we all got plenty of practice…maybe a little too much.  we were running all over that dang field.  I took a ground ball right to the inside of my knee cap.  and my glove hand has a purple knot on it right under my index finger from catching a few balls too low in the glove.  I snoozed much more this morning than I normally do, and I made it to crossfit right at 0630.  I’m normally there around 0600 – 0615 to warm-up.  I jumped right into the 10 minutes of skill work, and stretched out in between exercises.  I then continued warming up / stretching as the metcon began.  eventually, I came around to do the first set of the metcon, but wasn’t planning on completing the workout.  I went back to stretching for a little while longer before I decided to go back to the metcon.  I was taking water breaks along the way, taking my sweet time, not planning on going to the end.  I kept telling myself, I’ll just go to 10.  by the time I finished the 10 set, I couldn’t let myself stop there!  not after I had made it so far.  not on the down hill slope of the workout.  now I’ve got hands full of blisters.  toes to bar get my hands every time.  tip of the day…if you plan on taking the day off – stay your @$$ home, and take the day off!   

I seriously need to implement strength training into my routine.  I’ve already got it mapped out in my head, I just need to do it.  I’m thinking crossfit Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and 5/3/1 Tuesday & Thursday.  I’m sure I will have to make some adjustments along the way.  

yup…jeep smelled like Dunkin donuts again this morning.  I wonder if one of my kids dropped a munchkin in there somewhere.  one of these days I’m going to act on that smell and drive straight to dunkin donuts for either an eclair, or a boston kreme.  if I do end up breaking down one day, I’m afraid every other time I get into my jeep after crossfit my mouth will start watering.  I need to put a new air freshener in my jeep!   

I don’t think I’m doing sh!t this weekend (as far as crossfit is concerned at least)!

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