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trying to take it easy

May 2, 2012

Monday’s 1730 crossfit workout
20 minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) of:
5 clean & jerk @ 135lbs
5 deadlifts @ 135lbs
10 burpees
7 & 2/3

I don’t know if my number of rounds is correct.  I did the workout by myself, with nobody to yell to – to keep track.  I swear I lost count.  I eventually started putting tick marks on the board.  I might have done another round…or two.  was so out of it.  I can’t workout and keep count!  I scaled the clean and jerk to 95lbs to give my shoulders a rest.  only after not warming up and seeing how 115lbs felt.  I think that’s been my main problem resulting in injury…not warming up properly.  I really should have skipped the WOD and done my own thing as planned…or I should have just taken the day off period.  the 20 minute AMRAP lured me in since I was pressed for time.  now my shoulders are killing me, and I managed to injure my knee some time during the workout.  the same knee that’s been bothering me.  I failed to pack my knee brace in my bag, and I worked out without it.  I can’t help but wonder if wearing it would have prevented injury.  I definitely prefer working out in the morning, before work, to working out after a long days work!      

been pretty busy the last couple of days.  I had the privilege of working with some local entities in an interdiction operation along a stretch of  I-95.  if you drove through SC this week, you would not have been able to miss the large police presence out there.  it was a sight to see…vehicles being pulled over left and right…blue lights everywhere.  I’m still monitoring the radio channel now and there’s a vehicle pulled over every few minutes.  I had the pleasure of riding with a pretty dang squared away officer!  I had a really good time out there.  it’s a lot different from my line of police work.  I learned a lot.  we spent a lot of time sitting and observing.  looking for anything out of the ordinary.  which is pretty hard to do when cars are zipping by at 70+ miles per hour.  every time we pulled out after somebody, it reminded me of taking off in a plane, or that first drop on a roller coaster.  it was freaking awesome.  I need a car with power like that!  my partner and I only had one arrest…and it was for driving under suspension.  we probably could have had a lot more; there were lots of fines and warnings handed out.  we searched a good deal of people, along with a good deal of vehicles.  we got a little bit of weed and drug paraphernalia off a few people.  nothing too significant…all personal use amounts.  nothing really what we were looking for.  it’s out there.  I hope the operation leads to at least one big bust.  one team scored 2 oz of heroin, 2 oz of cocaine, and a couple of bottles of methadone off of one stop.  clean out your cars people!  unless your living out of it.  seriously…there are garbage cans at every gas station.  at least clean that sh!t out when you stop for gas.  I saw a roach crawling around one vehicle.  and just all kinds of other sh!t in others.  I can’t imagine what these people’s houses look like.  well, actually I can.  that’s what I’m used to seeing in my line of work.         

I missed / skipped yesterday’s workout.  this morning I went in for a warm-up and planned on hitting 5/3/1.  I couldn’t even get through the warm-up sets of back squats without aggravating my knee.  I had to stop.  I’ll go in tomorrow for a warm-up, and maybe try some more back squats.  I’m trying to take it easy!  sucks!

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