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all effed up

May 8, 2012

yesterday’s 0530 (hotel) crossfit workout
3 RFT (rounds for time) of:
25 burpees
25 sit-ups
25 (night stand) dips
25 air squats

yesterday’s noon time workout
squats – 135 x 5  155 x 5  185 x 5
bench – 135 x 5  155 x 3  135 x 5 – feeling mighty weak!
dead lifts – 135 x 5  185 x 5 – doing dead lifts with plates that aren’t bumper plates (or even round for that matter) sucks!   

after taking a week off in attempts of letting my shoulders and my knee heal, I’m travelling for work.  so, as the title of this post says, my routine is going to be all effed up.  this includes family, school, diet, sleep, and exercise.  this is going to be one of the most lengthy assignments I’ve been on in a long time.  I need to be sure to not develop (or revert to) any bad habits.  my knee is doing well; I’ve been keeping it braced while working out.  my shoulders are feeling better, but they are still not 100%.  I will have to continue to take it easy on overhead movements and handstand push-ups.   

during that first set of burpees, I felt as though my strength has deteriorated drastically.  this was one of those workouts where after nearing the end of the first round I was telling myself, maybe I’ll just stop after one round.  same thing towards the end or round number two.  I sucked it up and pushed through, but it wasn’t easy.  getting up at 0500 to workout at 0530 sucks!  getting up at 0530 – 0545 to work out at 0630 is so much nicer!  I had the time to get two workouts in yesterday; I don’t see that happening too many more times throughout this detail.   

my diet has been alright up to this point.  I haven’t had any milk, and I believe I will see how I do with cutting it out for this trip, and possible forever.  the first night I had a Philly cheese steak, and it was freakin’ delicious!  it was packed with chunks of juicy meat…a pleasant surprise from the traditional shaved meat.  so I cheated by having bread and cheese.  and by washing it down with a 23oz Yeungling.  I went with fruit as my side.  lunch for the past few days has been a can of tuna (straight out of the can), a banana, a few tablespoons of almond butter (harris teeter brand), and a little bit of paleo krunch from  stuff is delicious!  luckily, I placed and received an order before my trip.  I ordered 2 tubs of paleo krunch, and a 5  pack of the strongman sized jerky.  all I had left to bring with me was a tub of paleo krunch and 2 packs of jerky.  I might need to place an order and replenish my stash.  last night I had a cobb salad with grilled chicken and avocado.  I was good and skipped out on the alcohol.  then, I was forced to have a piece of someone’s New York cheese cake drizzled with raspberry sauce.  and I was doing so well too!  well, besides the bbq sauce on the ribs I had at the hotel before going out to dinner, thanks to some sort of seminar.  that’s right…I ate dinner before I went out to eat dinner!  the hotel has eggs and sausage for breakfast, so I’ve been good there. 

my 12.5″ BCM (bravo company manufacturing) kino SBR (short barrel rifle) has been having some major short stroke issues.  purchased in late September, along with a BCM BCG (bolt carrier group), I’ve put about 100 – 200 rounds through her over a handful of trips to the range.  the last time I went out, I would have to manually rack the charging handle after each shot in order to eject the spent shell casing and chamber a new round.  I took it apart and lubed the sh!t out of the BCG, but the problem remained.  someone watching from the side told me the bolt was barely moving to the rear after each shot.  I took her home, cleaned her thoroughly, and even borrowed an h2 buffer from a friend after doing some research (although I was skeptical since the bolt was having enough trouble moving to the rear…I figured a heavier buffer would only make it harder).  another trip to the range, and the problem remained.  I am grateful the problem was uncovered in a training environment!  although BCM won’t answer their phone, and they don’t even give you an option to leave a message, they are working with me in sending her in to be looked at.  the best way to get in touch with BCM is via e-mail…or facebook. 

in the meantime, dude from loaned me an upper along with a BCG…after only just meeting him.  he also let me shoot his full auto AR-15 piston carbine.  I want one!  if only it wouldn’t get real expensive, real quick!  it’s amazing how fast you can burn through a 30 round magazine.  I’ll add it to my wish list.

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