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little run…

May 25, 2012

…just for fun!

so much for taking the day off.  we took it easy for the most part.  we ran about half a mile / one mile to a park where we did (approximately) 50 yard sprints (10 times) and 100 yard sprints (one time to end our sprints), with about 15 – 45 seconds rest in between sprints.  whenever you’re sprinting with a friend…the two of you are racing!  and we are both A-type personalities and extremely competitive.  you work 10x harder when you workout with a friend!  I had the pleasure of working out the last 3 weeks with a former, fellow SWAT team member.  we parted ways about a year or two ago and this is the third time we’ve seen each other since.  we did just about everything together during this detail and it was a good time.  sure, the last week dragged, but it was a good time nonetheless.  

supplemental (after the run / sprints):
power cleans
115 x 3 x 5 

I’ve been away on business for 3 weeks now.  I am grateful that I had the opportunity to work out most days and had a good partner or two that was willing to push through the tough workouts I planned.  I ate fairly well with a decent amount of crap and alcohol mixed in.  I’m ready to get back on track with my diet and get back to my gym!  I’m gonna get smoked!  and oh yeah, hopefully I’ll be able to get back on track with school.  I was able to finish up one semester (struggled like sh!t…spent a whole weekend doing 4 assignments), and started a new semester where I’m already behind…haven’t done a damn thing.  looks like this weekend will be spent trying to catch up…f*ck!   

I am most excited to get home to my wife and kids.  this has been the longest I’ve been away from them in a good while.  while the conditions were nowhere close to the worst I’ve seen while being away from my family, it’s still never easy.  I am grateful seven month deployments to combat zones are a thing of the past…

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!  take the time this holiday to observe a moment of silence for those who paid the ultimate sacrifice in order to preserve our way of life.      

Semper Fidelis

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