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food comas, fugitives, and…homework

July 17, 2012

Tuesday (07/17/2012)
slept in 

most of last night was supposed to be spent doing homework.  instead, I received word about one of my fugitives (the same one I spent my Friday night looking for), and my night was spent conducting surveillance.  he is still at large, but we’re closing in on him.  anyway, I slept in this morning and skipped my workout.  and, I didn’t get my assignments turned in on time.  not where I wanna be right now with school, since most of last semester was spent playing catch up.  back to my homework…     

Monday (07/16/2012)

I definitely had another (heavier) power clean in me, but I stopped after my third attempt (135lbs, 145lbs, 155lbs).  I scaled the thrusters to 95lbs, and even that was rough on my shoulders.  needless to say, I am currently doped up on motrin and bengay.   

Sunday (07/15/2012)
rest – little sunning, little swimming

I slipped into a food coma Sunday afternoon after indulging in a meal from Shane’s Rib Shack.  I ate a half rack of ribs, half a pound of pulled pork, half an order of fries, 2 pieces of texas toast, and a peach cobbler.  some serious gluttony took place.  I ate way past the point of full.  barf city! 

Saturday (07/14/2012)
back squats
175lbs x 5 x 3 (10lbs increase from 07/06/2012)
bench press
175lbs x 5 x 3 (5lbs increase from 07/06/2012)

a few handstand push-ups (with a little assistance)

few more shots of tequilla, few more beers.  this time I stayed up to watch the fights on showtime that weren’t all that eventful. 

Friday (07/13/2012)
chest to bar pull-ups
yards – handstand walk or partnered wheel barrow
12:52 – partnered wheel barrow

received word about one of my fugitives Friday night, right as I was getting ready to go home, right after I place an order for pizza.  by the time I rounded everyone up and hit the scene, fugitive had fled.  we went in and out of a bunch of apartments after conducting interviews, but had no luck.  and…when we first arrived on the scene, we had a runner.  so, at least we were able to chase someone.  which, by the way, kicked my butt in boots and a heavy vest.  thought I was in pretty good shape, but things are a lot different in a full-out sprint in all that crap.  a few fences were jumped and I swore I was going to fall on my head at one point.  luckily, a cruiser cut him off and caught up with him.  wasn’t our guy, but he did have crack on him. 

my pizza was kept on top of the oven for a few hours and I washed it down with a few shots of patron and a blue moon.  passed out in no time. 

Thursday (07/12/2012)
rest – went in, stretched out, warmed up

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