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putting the books on hold

July 22, 2012

Friday (07/20/2012)
overhead press
110lbs x 5 x 3 (5lbs increase from 07/02/2012)
240lbs x 5 x 1 (5lbs decrease from 07/02/2012)

I struggled to get my fifth rep on my second and third sets of the overhead press…sh!t was heavy!  that’s what I get for the large lapse in time since I did them last.  I felt good on the deadlifts.  better than I did the last time I did ’em.  I used sidewalk chalk which did the trick, but it’s nowhere near as good as the chalk I’m used to.  I did this workout at home, and I maxed out the amount of weight I own on the deadlifts!  that’s both a good and a bad thing I guess. 

Wednesday (07/18/2012)

running with a 45lbs bar sucks!  I had some nice marks across my back the next couple of days.  I worked on my kipping pull-ups a little bit during this workout, but they still need work.  I tore some blisters open, as well as created a few new ones. 

I had to take a few days off due to some family stuff.  feeling lazy!  I can’t wait to get back into a groove.  I also put school on hold for the time being.  I hated to do so, but I’m burnt out…and I have too much other stuff going on at the moment.  after I made the call, I was frustrated, disappointed, and depressed.  while some weight has been lifted from my shoulders, I can’t help but feel it that when it returns it will return much heavier.  hopefully, I’ll be able to return next semester with the motivation I’ve lacked these last few semesters.  I may switch things up to one class per semester vice two, depending on the difference in entitlements the VA will pay out for my GI bill.  I may actually need to switch schools.  why is it taking me 180 credits to earn my bachelor’s?  I have about 96 credits now, and I thought all I needed was 120.  I will definitely bring that up when they call me back next week.

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