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rest day

July 25, 2012

Wednesday (07/25/2012)
decided to sleep in after yesterday, and my body is taking full advantage by procrastinating…just does not want to  wake up!  I always wonder if that mean it’s recovering…

I think it’s time to re-implement some protein shakes back into my regimen.  after coming across WOD Talk magazine, I found a few natural proteins like Stronger Faster Healthier (SFH) and About Time.  I believe some of the proteins I used to take didn’t fair too well with my skin.  hopefully, I can avoid the skin problems with the natural stuff.  I decided to go with SFH recovery whey protein.  I went with SFH because it has a few extras like creatine, glutamine, and glucosamine (plus a few others).  I’m hoping to see improvement in recovery, ailments, strength, and growth.  I’m not thrilled about the price, but I figure it’s worth a shot.  I plan on mixing with 6 – 8 oz of almond milk.      

Tuesday (07/24/2012)

the 0530 class ran into the 0630 class, since the 0530 class had to go in waves due to all of the bar / weight variations.  so…we started a little late, and at the pace I was going (finished my third round in about 33 minutes) I had to bail before I was able to finish…which left me in a shitty mood for most of the morning.  the 225lbs deadlifts kicked my @$$!  I probably should have scaled for that many reps.  I was doing them one at a time… 

back squats
185 x 5 x 3 (10lbs increase from 07/14/2012)
bench press
180 x 4 4 3 FAIL (5lbs increase from 07/14/2012)

Monday (07/23/2012)

scaled my weight to 95lbs…and it still felt heavy as crap!  my first day back, after 4 days off was not kind to me.  I managed to catch / pass 2 others on the double-unders…for the simple fact that they are still trying to grasp the movement.  they left me in the dust during the first two movements.

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