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bengay, motrin, & crap

July 27, 2012

Friday (07/27/2012)

scaled my weight to 65lbs (the prescribed female weight).  95lbs x 43 reps of overhead squats and push press wasn’t gonna cut it this morning considering how sore my legs were from yesterday / Monday & Tuesday…and with shoulder issues.  the last time I did overhead squats my shoulder barely allowed me to use a 45lbs bar.  bengay after this one…would have been motrin too had I remembered to take it. 

my diet has gone to sh!t lately!  I had at least one drink every night since Sunday…wtf?!  where is my discipline?!  I’ve had pizza, brownies, more pizza, blue moon, patron, and I’m sure a lot more, but that’s all I can think of at the moment.  need to get back on track.  maybe…starting…Monday… 

Thursday (07/26/2012)

what can I say about this one besides…T E R R I B L E !  I thought we had a pretty good pace going too.  bengay and motrin after this one.

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