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just about through my first week of GSLP

August 17, 2012

it is extremely difficult to follow this program in the same gym, at the same time, that I was following my previous program (crossfit).  I miss gruelling through the workouts with the 0630 regulars.  it takes a lot of discipline to go in there, see an appealing workout on the board, and then pass.  especially when everyone asks me if I’m going to do it…  

Friday (08/17/2012)

Nooner (thought I had to take my dog to the vet today, so I skipped my workout.  I then realized the appointment is set for Monday…d’oh!):
press 100lbs x 2 x 5, 100lbs x 1 x 5+ (7)
weighted chins 20lbs x 10, 7
squat 145lbs x 2 x 5, 145lbs x 1 x 5+ (8)
VC1 – 12 burpees in under 36 seconds (right around 33 seconds each set) x 3 with one minute rest in between sets
neck harness – skipped, since I missed Wednesday and made it up yesterday.  make up Saturday.

no FM as of yet today…

I felt strong on the weighted chin-ups today.  must be from all of the FM chin-ups!  I only took a minute and thirty seconds rest between sets because I felt so good on the first set.  I should have taken the full three minutes I normally take because I didn’t feel that strong on my second set.  my traps are feeling awful sore today.  I must have hit a good weight yesterday with the neck harness at 15lbs.  might need to slow down my increases in weight, and increase reps.  I’m still feeling week as hell on the squats.  but…I’m pretty sure I’m going a lot deeper than I used to.  but…I still feel weak as hell!   

Thursday (08/16/2012)

1st set of FM chin-ups (10) & FM push-ups (15) @ 0630
VC1 – 12 burpees in under 36 seconds…hurt myself on the first set, pushed through the second set, quit 2 – 3 reps into my third set.  sprawling into my
burpees was not kind to my arm, elbow, tricep.  feels like tennis elbow / tendonitis.  F*CK!!!  so frustrated / depressed right now.  popped some motrin,
applied some bengay…we’ll see what happens.  my plan right now is to give the burpees a break, and when I’m ready to add them back in, to do them the way
I used to do them.  I’ll just work on doing them non-stop, vice doing them for speed. 

2nd set of FM chin-ups (10) & FM push-ups (15) @ 1115
neck harness 15lbs x 4 x 25
3rd set of FM chin-ups (10) & FM push-ups (15) @ 1130

4th set of FM chin-ups (10) & FM push-ups (15) @ 1730

5th set of FM chin-ups (10) & FM push-ups (15) @ 2000

Wednesday (08/15/2012)

bench press 135lbs 2 x 5, 1 x 5+ (11)     
seated dumbbell curls (no 25lbs plates besides bumpers) 25lbs x 10 x 2
power clean (warm-up for deadlift) 95lbs x 3, 135lbs x 1 x 3  
deadlift 155lbs 1 x 5+ (10) 
high intensity conditioning session:
10 minute AMRAP of:
10 double-unders
10 wall ball shots 20lbs medicine ball
10 kettlebell swings @ 1.5 pood
10 box jumps 24″ box

1st set of FM chin-ups (10) & FM push-ups (15) @ 1200

called out on an attempted murder warrant…missed neck harness, VC1, and 2 sets of FM chin-ups & push-ups

2nd set of FM chin-ups (10) & FM push-ups (15) @ 1930

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