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pushing forward

August 21, 2012

Tuesday (08/21/2012)
I had a hard time waking up this morning, and an even harder time waking up and getting through my warm-up.  I’m pretty sure it had something to do with my late workout yesterday.  and maybe a little to do with my online course / live chat going until about 2215 last night.  yup…school started back up…sh!tty, I know!  feeling pain in my shoulders and my left arm.         


1st set of FM chin-ups (11) & FM push-ups (16) @ 0945
2nd set of FM chin-ups (11) & FM push-ups (16) @ 1400
3rd set of FM chin-ups (11) & FM push-ups (16) @ 1515

Monday (08/20/2012)
warm-up (reps bumped up from 5 to 6)
bench 145lbs x 2 x 5, 145lbs x 5+ (10)
seated alternating dumbbell curls 30lbs x 12, 10 
squat 155lbs x 2 x 5, 155lbs x 5+ (8)
attempted to work on VC1…upset my tendonitis during my last set of bench…upset it even more during the first set of VC1 burpees…so I quit mid-set and left extremely frustrated.     

4 sets of FM chin-ups (11) & FM push-ups (16) throughout the day (reps bumped up from 10 to 11 for chin-ups & 15 to 16 for push-ups)

neck harness – 20lbs x 4 x 25

Sunday (08/19/2012)
rest day

Saturday (08/18/2012)

this workout probably wasn’t the greatest idea after working shoulders the day prior…but it felt good to participate in a group WOD…even if there were only three of us. 

4 sets of FM chin-ups (10) & FM push-ups (15) throughout the day

neck harness – 17.5lbs x 4 x 25

weekend wrap-up in the sports I give a sh!t about:

Rowdy Ronda Rousey continued her streak of first round armbars; her sixth victim was Sarah Kaufman.

Meisha Tate finished Julie Kedzie via armbar in the third round.  Kedzie was out striking Tate for most of the fight.

Anthony Smith finished Lumumba Sayers with a textbook triangle…beautiful!  his striking looked really good too.

Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza beat Derek Brunson by TKO.  Jacare stopped hitting Brunson 3 separate times before the ref stepped in to stop the fight. 

and the Yankees beat the Red Sox 2 games to 1!

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