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rest…and then it’s back to the drawing board

September 5, 2012

okay…so…I have been overdoing it.  big time!  I’ve been trying my hardest to take some time off lately.  I took 4 consecutive days off and its not been enough.  hopefully, one full week off will do me right.  talk about depression city!  I tried taking a few days off from crossift the week prior, but I kept doing FM like an idiot, so I don’t think it did any good.  it was nice to get up this morning and go to crossfit…even if it consisted of me doing my own thing.  I’ve been popping motrin in the morning and evening, and I even started back on glucosamine and chondroitin.  and I ordered some fish oil from atlargenutrition this morning.  hopefully, the combination will help.  I’m going to have some mean arthritis when I’m older because I’ve got some serious aching bones and joints! 

I’ve updated this post way too many times without publishing it!              

Wednesday (09/05/2012)

50 GHD sit-ups (not timed)
5000 meter row in 22:21

Friday (08/30/2012)

deadlifts – 135lbs x 2 x 5, 135lbs x 5+ (12)
shoulder press – 95lbs x 2 x 5, 95lbs x 5+ (9)
weighted chin-ups 30lbs x 7, 5 holding a dumbbell between my feet wasn’t working out too well for me
seated alternating dumbbell curls – 35lbs x 8, 8

Thursday (08/29/2012)

slept in…absolutely nothing thus far…might just keep it that way. stayed up til 2300 doing homework last night. 

Wednesday (08/29/2012)

scaled my deadlifts to 225lbs, my hang cleans to 105lbs, and my kettlebell swings to 1.5 pood.  I wasn’t thrilled about this one, and I probably could have done without it.  I wish I would have done Tuesday’s workout (Cindy) instead. 

1 set of FM chin-ups (12) & FM push-ups (17)

Tuesday (08/28/2012)

slept in

1 set of FM chin-ups (12) & FM push-ups (17)
bench press…135lbs x 5 x 2, 135lbs x 5+ (10)
ezbar curls…65lbs x 8, 8

Monday (08/27/2012)

new PR!  my time was 39:41 on 06/25/2012.  I shaved more than 4 minutes off my time.  I would have been even faster had I not screwed up my jumping pull-ups…the bar was too high and I was doing more of a pull-up than I should have been.  I only realized this after switching bars after rep number 30…after a lot of wasted time and energy.   

my left arm (tendonitis) felt pretty good on the burpees.  better than it has the last few weeks.  my shoulders are still jacked.  I believe I’m suffering from shoulder bursitis…pretty much overuse.  I plan on taking an entire week off towards the end of next month.    

I dropped the everyday classic crossfit warm-up.  I think it was too much with everything else.  I believe the ring dips were aggravating my tendonitis.  I’ve also cut back on the FM chin-ups & FM push-ups.  I really believe I have been overdoing things. 

throughout the day:
1 set of FM chin-ups (12) & FM push-ups (17)
back squats…135lbs x 2 x 5, 135lbs x 5+ (10)
neck harness 20lbs x 4 x 25

Sunday (08/26/2012)

3-4 sets of FM chin-ups (11) & FM push-ups (16)

Saturday (08/25/2012)

3-4 sets of FM chin-ups (11) & FM push-ups (16)

Friday (08/24/2012)

3-4 sets of FM chin-ups (11) & FM push-ups (16)

Thursday (08/23/2012)

3-4 sets of FM chin-ups (11) & FM push-ups (16)

Wednesday (08/22/2012)

3-4 sets of FM chin-ups (11) & FM push-ups (16)

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