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October 3, 2012

I had my physical therapy evaluation yesterday morning…which turned out to be an actual physical therapy session.  the physical therapist had me warm up on a hand bike for 5 minutes (2.5 minutes forward and 2.5 minutes backwards) which actually felt really good.  she then had me do about 10 exercises with resistance bands, and then about 6 more exercises without the bands.  I will need to follow that routine on my own, daily.  I was told to leave my shoulders alone…       

I’m currently on a break from school, and I’m happier than a pig in sh!t.  unfortunately, it’s only going to last a few more days. 

I was away on business all last week which was good for me after getting the cortisone shots.  I was pretty much forced to rest.  I ran on the hotel treadmill twice, on the random setting, and it about whooped my @$$.  I added a few sets of biceps curls in one day.  other than that, I rested…and ate…and drank.  my diet has been alright lately…nothing too terrible. 

I gave my morning / evening shake a break while away on business.  if nothing else, I did it to avoid lugging all that sh!t with me.  and, I would have had to have packed a blender for my frozen bananas.  I did however pack my keurig, and the order of strongman size paleo kits I ordered just in time for my trip.  my keurig has accompanied me on my last few assignments.  coffee just isn’t the same without it.

made it out to an O’s vs BoSox game at Camden Yards while I was up that way.  I was the only one in attendance (that I saw) wearing a Yankee jersey…if looks could kill!  I went to the bathroom at one point, and upon my return, an entire section started a “YANKEES SUCK” chant… 

Wednesday (10/03/2012)

still sore from Monday’s work out, I went in to crossfit this morning, but I was not able to join in the workout…shoulders.  so I warmed up, stretched out, and did a few things on my own. 
throughout the day:
deadlifts 135lbs x 5 x 2, 135lbs x 5+ (15)
seated alternating dumbbell curls 35lbs x 10 x 2
bench press 45lbs bar x 10 x 2
shoulder press 45lbs bar x 10 x 2
physical therapy exercises

Tuesday (10/02/2012)

yesterday’s workout left me sore as sh!t…back to bed!!! 

Monday (10/01/2012)

Wednesday (09/26/2012)

progress pic…I know I’ve lost all kinds of gains.  being injured sucks!  weighed in at 167lbs this morning, which is insane!!!  need to get my weight up…

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