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November 29, 2012

Thursday (11/29/2012)
rx 8:10 PR (the last Annie time I could find was 10:15 from 04/13/2012)

bench press 160lbs x 3, 3, 3 (feeling real weak!  need to see how much I need to drop for a reset)
edit…the plan is to drop 10% (rounded down), so my next working sets will be rounded to 140lbs.  doesn’t sound like much, but my 5+ set should exceed my last 5+ set at this weight…both excited and nervous to see what happens.
shoulder raises to the front and to the side 5lbs x 10 x 3

edit…afternoon supplemental
squats – 165lbs x 5, 5, 5
standing ez bar curls – 50lbs (+ the bar) x 8 x 2…felt weaker than expected here
extremely light and slow machine chest flys to rehab my shoulders – 20 reps

still sore from Monday.  shoulder feeling a little jacked from all the pull-ups.  probably should have left them alone

Wednesday (11/28/2012)
figured it was best to rest / sleep in since I was still so sore.  I am hoping to get some strength training in today.  167lbs on the scale this morning.  diet has been all over the place…a far cry from paleo. 

Tuesday (11/27/2012)
early work morning which followed a really late night of homework.  I even took a 2 hour nap when I got home…that does not happen very often at all.

Monday (11/26/2012)
15 deadlifts @ 225lbs
20 box jumps
25 pull-ups

37:45…4 rounds…deadlifts scaled to 185lbs

I was effin’ dying.  first time doing pull-ups in a looong time!!!  probably not a good idea!!!  weak as hell…pull-ups are nowhere close to what they used to be…

definitely not a good idea…end of the day and my tendonitis is throbbing like a sonofabitch! 

Wednesday (11/21/2012)
squats – 155lbs x 5, 5, 8
bench – 155lbs x 5, 5, 5
standing ez bar curls – 60lbs + ez curl bar x 6, 6
deadlifts – 225lbs x 2+1…sheesh…wtf?!
shoulder raises to the front and to the sides – 5lbs x 10 x 3
band exercises – 3 x 10
chest flys – 1 set x 20 @ minimum weight

Monday (11/19/2012)
slept in…been feeling a little under the weather

squats – 145lbs x 5 x 2, 145lbs x 5+ (8)
bench – 145lbs x 5 x 2, 145lbs x 5+ (8)
standing ez bar curls – 55lbs + bar x 8 x 2
deadlifts – 135lbs x 5, 185lbs x 5, 225lbs x 5 (form was suffering on my last few reps and, I hate doing deadlifts without bumper plates.  I’ve seen the discussion / arguments on the crossfit forum, and I prefer the drop!)

worked my shoulders throughout the entire workout with some lateral / horizontal raises with 5lbs plates as well as some physical therapy exercises with a band.  my left shoulder is still pretty jacked, but my tendonitis has really been flaring up lately…

wow…did I really take this much time off???  hours were crazy for work!!!

Tuesday (11/13/2012)
100 air squats for time…can’t remember my time…3 or 4 minutes or so
did some curls and some hammer curls as well…hammer curls are not a good idea if you’ve got tendonitis in the elbow region!!! 

Monday (11/12/2012)
away on business all this week
probably not my best idea ever, but I did:
100 burpees for time in just under 12 minutes…which kind of sucks since I did it well under 10 minutes about 6 months ago…

Friday (11/09/2012)
clapping push-ups
wall ball shots 20lbs medicine ball
11:18 (subbed clapping push-ups for regular push-ups…shoulder issues.  shoulders feeling pretty good…caused the tendonitis in my elbows to flare up)

deadlifts 135lbs x 5 x 1, 185lbs x 5 x 1 

Thursday (11/08/2012)

Wednesday (11/07/2012)
squats 135lbs x 5, 5, 10
standing ez bar curls 50lbs +ez curl bar x 10 x 1, 60lbs + ez curl bar x 8 x 2

Tuesday (11/06/2012)

bench press 135lbs x 5 x 2, 135lbs x 10
a few pull-ups to feel out my shoulders
shoulders feeling pretty good, tendonitis in my elbows flaring up

Friday (11/02/2012)
bench press 135lbs x 5 x 2, 135lbs x 8
standing ez bar curls 50lbs + ez
50 GHD sit-ups

Thursday (11/01/2012)
rest day (physical therapy)

Wednesday (10/31/2012)
1 rep max hang (squat) clean
135lbs (failed with 155lbs)

80% of 1 rep max x 2 hang squat cleans every minute on the minute for…minutes (can’t remember how many minutes…I want to say somewhere around 16 – 20)
I stopped after 10 rounds (the ninth minute) because it was getting late

Tuesday (10/30/2012)

subbed reguar push-ups for HSPU…shoulder problems and all…

Monday (10/29/2012)

even though it’s not annotated on the board…this workout was completed as rx’d…by all of us.  I’m feeling it right now in my knees and my hips.  hell, my quads were still sore this morning from Friday morning’s workout.  when I initially looked at this workout, I figured Iwould skip out.  and, maybe I should have.

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