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2 months worth in 1 post…

January 31, 2013

how do people find the time to keep up with this blogging stuff?!  I’ve been trying to keep notes of my workouts.  I’m sure I’ve left some out.  anyway, as always, whole lot going on.  MRI revealed a partial labral tear in my left shoulder.  doc said surgery depends on how much it’s bothering me.  he also said I’m not going to hurt it any more.  I’ve been working out; I’ve just been avoiding handstand push-ups and pull-ups, and I was avoiding overhead movements.  I have been doing chin-ups instead, and I’ve slowly started to work shoulder press back into the mix.   

I decided not to renew my contract at my local affiliate since I was limited to the WODS I could participate in.  I am currently in the process of transforming my garage into a gym.   

Thursday (01/31/2013)
press – 85lbs x 5,5,5

sprints – 6 x 60 yards with 60 seconds rest in between sprints

Wednesday (01/30/2013)
got my warm-up in and went a few rounds with Bob

Tuesday (01/29/2013)
squats – 170lbs x 5,5,7

12 minute AMRAP of:
30 overhead walking lunges w/ 45lb plate
10 40lb ball slams
3 rounds with only seconds to spare

subbed 30 double-unders for ball slams (no 40lb ball).  my first 15 steps were unbroken (15 steps out, 15 steps back)…that would be the longest unbroken stretch of the workout.  I hate overhead walking lunges!  I finished my 3rd round of lunges with 30 seconds on the clock and I was able to complete the round with only a few seconds remaining on the clock.   

Monday (01/28/2013)
bench – 165lbs x 5,4,3…dang!!!  (drop 10% next bench workout)

5 rounds max reps of:
body weight bench press
135lbs / strict chin-ups
8/10, 8/10, 8/8, 6/6, 5/5

I really did not intend on taking that much time off…sheesh!

Thursday (01/24/2013)
deadlifts – 135lbs x 5, 185lbs x 5, 225lbs x 3, 250lbs x 5
press – 45lbs x 5 x 2, 65lbs x 5, 75lbs x 5,5,8

from the main page (12/27/2012)
Two rounds for time of:
Run 800 meters
30 Pull-ups
115 pound Front squat, 30 reps
30 Toes-to-bar
115 pound Power clean, 30 reps

I subbed strict chin-ups for pull-ups, and I scaled the weight to 95lbs for both the front squats & the power cleans.  that freakin’ sucked!  that was by far one of the toughest workouts I’ve done in a good while.  feel like I’m good for about my next 3 workouts after that one!  stick a fork in me, cause I’m done!  oh yeah, bumper plates would have been real nice for this workout!!! 

Tuesday (01/22/2013)
Three rounds, 21-15- and 9 reps, for time of:
95 pound Overhead squats
scaled overhead squats to 45lbs (yup, that’s right, the bar!)

Thursday (01/17/2013)
bench – 135lbs x 5, 145lbs x 5, 155lbs x 5, 165lbs x 5
ez bar curls @ 50lbs (+ bar) x 8,8,8

4 rounds for time of:
400 meter run
15 strict chin-ups
15 air squats
15 strict dips
15 sit-ups
15 push-ups

Wednesday (01/16/2013)
squats – 135lbs x 5, 145lbs x 5, 155lbs x 5, 165lbs x 5

4 rounds for time of:
10 press @ 45lbs
30 double-unders

Monday (01/14/2013)
press – 45lbs x 5 x 2, 55lbs x 5, 65lbs x 10
partial labral tear…felt like I could have done more / gone heavier.  decided to take it easy.  after all, that’s how I ended up injured in the first place.

10 rounds for time of:
50 yard farmer walk
50 yard sprint
rest on the way back to the weights
measured my 50 yards a few days later and I was a few yards short…

Friday (01/11/2013)
squats – 135lbs x 5 x 2, 145lbs x 5, 155lbs x 7

100 thrusters @ 95lbs for time
scaled to pvc pipe (partial labral tear and all)

Thursday (01/10/2013)
bench – 1353lbs x 5 x 2, 145lbs x 5, 155lbs x 8

5 rounds for time of:
bench – 135lbs x 5 x 2, 145lbs x 5, 155lbs x 8

5 rounds for time of:
5 deadlifts @ 275lbs
10 burpees
deadlifts scaled to 225lbs (highest number of consecutive deadlifts for this workout…3)

Tuesday (01/08/2013)
squats – 195lbs x 5,5,3 (too freakin’ heavy…too much time off since the last time I did squats…back is hurting…form is hurting…too freakin’ weak…plan on dropping at least 10% next squat workout. 
bench – 150lbs x 5,5,5

3 rounds for time of:
run 800 meters
50 sit-ups
finished just under 25 minutes.  (my 800 meter route is way off…I was definitely running more than I was supposed to!) 

first time utilizing my up and coming garage gym (early in the morning / in the cold at least).  I wore a hoody and beanie throughout.  was nice to get up early and get it knocked out!!!

Monday (01/07/2013)
power cleans – 115lbs x 5 x 3

crazy pull-up / burpee workout
with a continuously running clock, complete:
max pull-ups
3 burpees every 30 seconds
goal is 100 pull-ups
I threw in the towel at 40 (strict chin-ups), after I went a round or two without getting a single chin-up.  I wish I would have went to at least 50 chin-ups (or at least 100 burpees). I’ll blame my shoulder / fear of injuring it further, but ultimately, it was my mind  and, or my heart that were suffering. 

Wednesday (01/02/2013)
bench – 145lbs x 5,5,9
deadlift – 240lbs x 5
press – 45lbs x 5,5,8 (damn partial labral tear…shoulders are weak…especially overhead)

3 rounds for time of:
400 meter run
21 1.5 pood kettlebell swings
12 pull-ups
run was on a treadmill, subbed strict chin-ups for pull-ups (partial labral tear).  chalk would have been real nice on the kb swings and the chins! 

Tuesday (01/01/2013)
squats – 185lbs x 5,5,5

some serious DOMS going on today from Monday’s WOD, “Loredo.”  was able to get a partial workout in yesterday before I was interrupted.  I got through my warm-up and completed all sets of squats.  my back is hurting a little today.  I can only imagine it was from the squats.   

Monday (12/31/2012)
6 rounds for time of:
24 squats
24 push-ups
24 walking lunge steps
400 meter run

Friday (12/28/2012)
10 minute AMRAP of:
15 wall ball shots
10 power cleans @ 135lbs
5 strict pull-ups
4 + 14 wall ball shots
scaled power cleans to 95lbs and subbed strict chin-ups for strict pull-ups…partial labral tear and all

Thursday (12/27/2012)
squats – 205lbs x 2, 195lbs x 3, 185lbs x 4…wtf?!?!?!?!
bench – 165lbs x 5,5,4…wtf?!?!?!?!
standing ez bar curls 50lbs + bar x 10,10
strict chin-ups 8,8
dips 8,8
flys 20,20

Tuesday (12/25/2012)
squats – 195lbs x 5,5,5
bench – 155lbs x 5,5,8
deadlifts – 235lbs x 5
press – 45lbs x 5,5,5
power clean – 45lbs x 5,5,5
front / side shoulder raises – 10lbs x 10,10,10

this was a really good workout.  might have been because I was lazy for a few days and didn’t do anything.  also, I am convinced that the weights at work are heavier than my weights at home…

Wednesday (12/19/2012)
squats – 185lbs x 5,5,5
hang power cleans – 45lbs x 5,5,5
shoulder press – 45lbs x 5,5,5
bench press – 145lbs x 5,5,8
light flys x 10,10,10
standing ez bar curls – 55lbs (+bar) x 8,8
deadlifts – 225lbs x 5
chins – 6,6,6
dips – 6,6,6
front / side shoulder raises – 5lbs x 10,10,10

done sir, done!

Friday (12/14/2012)
squats – 165lbs x 5,5,5
bench – 135lbs x 5,5,12
standing ez bar curls – 50lbs (+bar) x 12,10
deadlifts – 135lbs x 5, 185lbs x 5, 225lbs x 5
dips 5,5,5
chins 5,5,5
flys 10,10,10

Friday (12/07/2012)

squats 185lbs x 4, 4, 4
bench 145lbs x 5,5,10
shoulder raises (front / side) 5lbs x 10,10,10
extremely light & slow machine chest flys x 20
standing ez bar curls 55lbs (+ ez curl bar) x 8, 8
dips x 6,6,6
pvc oh press x 10,10
deadlifts 235lbs x 2 + 1 (back just wasn’t feeling right.  think I psyched myself out too). 

169lbs on the scale this morning

Thursday (12/06/2012)

MRI (with contrast) today – I never thought I was claustrophobic, until I was stuck in that dang MRI machine head first / belly up.  the first couple of minutes were rough, and I was wishing I could have jumped back out, but I managed to suck it up.  I couldn’t help but be reminded of the black out house I had to go through at a fire academy for SWAT school.  that thing was no joke!  literally could not see anything.  and, I had an SCBA strapped to my back, sucking in O2, which amplifies the sound of your breathing.  talk about cramped spaces!  I had to stop at one point just to calm myself down…I closed my eyes and took a few deep breaths in an attempt to relax. 

I think I’m getting soft…

Wednesday (12/05/2012)
15 T2B
50 yards walking lunges
400 meter run

subbed regular push-ups for handstand push-ups   

Monday (12/04/2012)

squats – 175lbs x 5, 5, 5
extremely light & slow chest flys x 20
bench – 140lbs x 5, 5, 10
shoulder raises (to the front & to the side) – 5lbs x 10, 10, 10
band exercises – 10, 10, 10, 10
dips – 5, 5, 5
standing ez bar curls – 50lbs + ez curl bar x 10, 10 (did not come easy…had to fight hard for ’em)
deadlifts – 225lbs x 5
pvc oh press – 20, 20

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