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Julie Foucher is a beast!

March 13, 2013

02272013 - 03102013

I am not worthy.  13.1 kicked my @$$!  and I used the women’s weight (no shame in my game).  especially not with a partial labral tear.  I am slowly getting back into overhead movements.  shoulders felt good though.  I am curious to know how I would have done with the men’s weight.  maybe I’ll give it another go…maybe not.  let’s see what 13.2 brings. 

I’ve been seriously slacking lately and I need to get my sh!t together.  I don’t know what my problem is.  I’ll blame late nights spent doing stupid homework…

having shoulder or overhead issues?  check out this fix from MobilityWOD:

feels oh so good!  I really should do it everyday.  I have not tried the lacrosse ball variation…yet.  I actually just finished up two sets of 5 on the Smith machine with 45lbs (work gym), and my shoulder feels great!  I normally do it at home on my S-2 / J-cups with a bar loaded with 95lbs – 115lbs.  I like to reach straight up and grab on to the pull-up bar for a few seconds. 

and if you missed it, check out Julie Foucher killing 13.1:

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