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March 15, 2013

03132013 - 03152013

this morning’s metcon is another example of an early morning workout where I was not firing on all cylinders.  I measured out the distance for my sprints at 100 yards, when I should have measured out the distance for my sprints at 50 yards (there and back).  I could have easily added another round in the time it took to jog back to the bar…  that was a terrible thought to have throughout the duration of the workout.  luckily, it was a short one.  deadlifts felt great; all sets were unbroken!  first official day correctly applying 5 3 1 programming…felt good, felt short, felt like I could have / should have done more.  I’m sure the later cycles won’t feel quite the same way.

my shoulder was throbbing yesterday…wtf?!  just after I was saying they were feeling good…  I can only imagine it was from the heavy deadlifts.  hopefully, it’s not from the mobilitywod fix I’ve been implementing… 

I have been trying to follow a 2 days on / 1 day off routine (which has been suffering lately if I’m being honest with myself).  I need to quit sleeping in, because if I don’t work out first thing in the morning, it doesn’t get done.  I have been following a starting strength / 5 3 1 hybrid from my memory of the two programs for the past few weeks /  months, and adding in metcons from the crossfit / crossfit football main pages.  I now have a plan of following 5 3 1 more strictly (2 days on / one day off), with a crossfit / crossfit football metcon for one of my two work days.  This is what I’ve got in mind:

CFWU = crossfit warm-up (modified from crossfit journal) 
consists of (and now that I pull up the link, I notice that I’ve completely forgotten about the samson stretch):

pvc / barbell overhead squats
chest to bar chin-ups
pvc / barbell good-mornings
ring dips

I am currently doing 6 reps, with the plan of adding 1 rep after each successful (consistent) week of training. 

CFWU x 3
Squats (5 3 1)
beat up Bob with any remaining time

CFWU x 1
Bench (5 3 1)
crossfit / crossfit football metcon

rest or beat up Bob

CFWU x 3
Power Cleans (5 3 1 approach even though power cleans are not included in 5 3 1 programming)
Deadlifts (5 3 1)
beat up Bob with any remaining time

CFWU x 1
Shoulder / Military Press (5 3 1)
crossfit / crossfit football metcon

rest or beat up Bob

do it all over again

some 5 3 1 references:

I really like the calculator because it allows you to enter a 5 rep max instead of just a 1 rep max; which works out perfectly for my current training regimen.   

my diet has been “alright.”  I’ve come away from the idea of strict paleo, but I still try to eat good (natural) foods for the most part.  I’ve not had any problems adding bread and cheese.  I’ve been eating more sandwiches these days; especially the gargantuan from Jimmy John’s (especially on deadlift days), and the spicy chicken sandwich from chick-fil-a with pepper jack cheese.  I need to get back in the habit of substituting a parfait for fries.  I’ve been trying to eat more food in general.  I’ve also added protein bars to my diet; I try to eat at a protein bar every day between lunch and dinner.  I think my weight got too low while on paleo combined with 5 – 6 metcons a week.  I got down as low as 167lbs.  at 6’0″,that’s just insane!  I’ve slowly been packing on some weight (hopefully, it’s good weight).  as of this morning, I’m (back) up to 173lbs.  alcohol use has been moderate.  there have been a few desserts here and there.  some shared with the wife; some taken on solo. warm krispy kreme original glazed donuts have become our latest fixation…soo good!  there is no way anyone can eat just one…

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