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had a workout partner this morning

March 22, 2013


 picked up a Rouge games box on closeout (just in time for 13.2).  this thing is solid! 


Wednesday’s deadlifts felt extremely heavy!  probably not the best idea of a workout before hitting 13.2…oh well.  I probably should have scaled all the way down to the women’s weight.  I thought about it, but figured the deadlifts would be awful light.  plus, loading a bar with 95lbs just works out better than loading a bar with 75lbs.  my shoulders hate explosive overhead movements; I’ve been paying for them ever since!


and here’s my workout partner this morning.  I brought him into the garage with me and tethered him to Bob.  he did alright.  he was a tad bit of a distraction; but not too terrible.  he did not like the sound of the jump rope or the garage door.  this is a picture from a few nights ago while I was doing homework.  he loves sleeping like this.  I had so many good photo ops this morning, but I left my phone in the house…  I used to bring him in the garage with me (in his kennel) when he was much smaller; but that was mainly to prevent him from crying and waking up the wife and kids.  I am hoping to make it more of a habit…my best friend!

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