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“tighten it up!”

May 22, 2013


tore a blister open something awful during those 150 toes to bar.  as a result, Monday’s workout was not very fun.  also, I either hurt my back during Monday’s squats or it’s hurting because I’ve been trying to correct my posture.  either way, its been uncomfortable and it forced me to sleep in this morning.  that, and the blister that keeps tearing every time I move my hand.  today’s workout was terrible!!  I don’t miss running, and boy was it hot outside during my lunch break; would have been a much better workout for the AM.  I had a serious sweat going, that’s for sure.  I’ve put on a few pounds; I’m currently weighing in at 178lbs.  I’m still convinced it’s all going to my midsection.  I need to tighten up my diet a little,  and then I’ll post a pic for comparison (when I’m having one of those “confidence boosting, satisfying mirror reflection days,” which seem to be far and few between as of late…that’s what I get for eating things like pizza for dinner last night, and pancakes for breakfast this morning…I won’t even mention this past weekend’s menu…  where has my discipline gone?).
05062013 - 05142013

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