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an emphasis on rest

June 21, 2013

my workout routine has been a pretty consistent one day on, one day off.  I think I’ve finally found a good balance between strength, metcon, and rest.  a full day’s rest in between workouts should not prohibit any use of the same muscle groups that may occur from time to time between strength and metcon workouts.  in other words, if I do a squat / bench strength workout on Monday, I can do a WOD consisting of either squat or bench on Wednesday after giving my muscles adequate rest; whereas a strength day followed by a consecutive metcon day utilizing the same muscle group would be counterproductive without adequate rest.  I think that all makes sense.  also, a two-day on, one day off approach only heads one extra workout a week.  while I do feel like a lazy lima bean by not doing something everyday, I think I may be on to something with this rest theory.  after all, gains aren’t made during workouts, they’re made when your body is resting.  I have even been sleeping in and working out in the evenings.  I feel pretty good.  I do miss the energy and alertness that accompany a first thing in the morning workout, but I don’t miss waking up at 0530!  I have also not been staying up all night doing homework like I used to (which I really should be because I am behind, and I have been playing catch up all semester).  I have also incorporated some assistance biceps and triceps work which I believe I’ve gone without for far too long.  I am a big advocate of functional fitness and all, however there are some areas I’d like to build up.  diet is doing alright; still needs some work.  I should really just strive for clean eating throughout the week with somewhat relaxed standards on the weekend…or at least Saturday…that’s a lot more realistic than trying to eat clean for a month, or months at a time.




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